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Customize Shoe

Does not find what you are looking for why not design your own shoe, your own designed shoes is just a click way by following these simple steps.

Select your desired shoe category, from the decoration items list select the type of decoration such as full brogue, half brogue from different design pattern shown in decoration list.

In the second step you will be selecting the leather type form various leather color shown in figure as per your choice.

In the third step, you need to select the lining the leather that will be used inside the shoe will be selected from the lining leather items list.

In the fourth step, from the sole item list you will select the type of leather sole and the heel you would like to have on the sole.

In the fifth step, you will provide us the standard foot size you wear in daily routine.

In the sixth step, fill out your contact information so we deliver the shoes at your destination before you checkout from our portal.

Finally, still unable to create a design what you are looking, you can upload the picture of your selected design, and our customer support representative will call you to acquire details about order.