How To Measure Your Feet

If you are not sure of your foot size. First you need to take both feet measurement or provide a standard foot size you wear normally, in order to measure your feet you need to measure the length of your feet and measuring circumference of the foot around the ball .In order to measure the ball of your feet you need to wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your feet. Before taking measurement you must watch the foot measurement video whose link is given below. Combine these two measurement in a single file such as pdf, jpeg ,png, you will be required to upload this file when you will be placing your order on Darrell West Website. Secondly you need to take a bare picture of your feet so we can understand the structure of your feet whether it is wide, narrow or flat or any other special issue that we need to focus. If you find it hard to take foot measurement you can provide us the standard foot size you wear in daily routine.

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